Young people detained at HMYOI Wetherby face excessive time confined in cells

IMB Wetherby report concern for those detained in the Care and Separation Unit (CSU) and continued high levels of violence

In its annual report, IMB Wetherby notes that:

  • The Care and Separation Unit (CSU) has little to offer and the Board has serious concerns as to the lack of regime and limited interaction between officers and YPs held there.
  • Levels of violence remain high, despite a slight reduction in the number of assaults this year (137, down from 165 assaults the previous year, 77 of the 137 assaults were on staff.)
  • Late arrivals from court can result in young people arriving at Wetherby, sometimes as late as 11pm when specialist staff are not on hand.

However, the Board notes the immense effort and good work of many of the officers and managers at Wetherby and acknowledges the changes being implemented by the new governor.


IMB Wetherby Chair, Catherine Porter, said:

‘’Staffing shortages have made it difficult to deliver a consistent regime and young people spend unacceptably long periods behind their doors. Detainees at Wetherby spend an average of just 6.6 hours outside of their cells a day, affecting their wellbeing and education. We are very concerned by the management of the Care and Separation Unit (CSU), with some young offenders spending 23 hours a day in their cell, with little to do.

We find it unacceptable that young people often face delays coming to Wetherby from court, arriving late in the evening. A number of new arrivals are very vulnerable and we are concerned that they do not have access on arrival to the specialist support they need.

Despite being encouraged by the slight reduction in violence, the Board remains concerned that levels still remain high. We are however pleased that from our interviews of 120 young people at Wetherby, the majority reported that they felt safe.’’


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