Warren Hill 2019-20 annual report published

In its annual report, the Warren Hill IMB notes that

  • the prison feels safe for prisoners and staff
  • dialogue between staff and prisoners is strong with the residents’ council providing opportunities to raise concerns and
  • the progression regime has continued to provide prisoners with opportunities to demonstrate reduction in their risk and to have good success at parole hearings.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted weaknesses in outdated telephony and information technology systems which have impacted on opportunities for prisoners to maintain relationships with their families when face-to-face visits have not been possible.

Warren Hill is a small prison which houses about 250 men, mainly within a progression regime for prisoners who are serving life or indeterminate sentences. Although success at parole hearings has been good, there is continuing concern that recall rates are stubbornly high.

IMB Warren Hill Chair, Maggie Menzies, said:

“This has been a hard year for all parts of society and prisons are no exception. The Governor and staff of the prison have worked tirelessly to maintain relationships which help men to prepare for release. Inevitably some activities have been curtailed, with education, employment and education all being impacted and time out of cells being radically reduced. Nevertheless the Board has been struck by the calm atmosphere that has prevailed.”