Warren Hill 2018/19 annual report published




In their 2018-19 annual report published today, monitors say that HMP Warren Hill works hard to enable all prison residents to live in a safe and constructive environment. Staff demonstrate a clear sense of purpose and dedication and offer a balance of challenge and support to residents. Work and education opportunities continue to improve and the rich arts and cultural programme helps both the sense of community and individuals in their personal progress.


However, the IMB raise concern about the following:


  • The number of residents who are recalled to custody. In most cases this is a result of minor breaches to the terms of their licence


  • The high number of applications from residents concerning the loss of property in moves from other establishments


  • The issue of the time taken in obtaining the necessary clearances for new staff


The Chair of the Monitoring Board, Maggie Menzies, says


“Warren Hill continues to be rated as one of the top performing prisons in the country according to the Prison Service’s own measures. The Board agrees that this is an establishment that can be held up as an example to others. The IMB’s view is that Warren Hill residents are treated fairly and humanely in a safe environment.  Warren Hill shows that a clear sense of purpose and excellent relationships between staff and residents enable men to make progress and feel more hopeful about themselves and their future, and that progress is reflected in good success at parole hearings.”