Tinsley House IMB publish first report since re-opening of IRC

The Independent Monitoring Board for Tinsley House today published its annual report for 2016. The Board is made up of a team of volunteers who visit regularly.  We are pleased to report that Tinsley House re-opened in May 2017 with some very positive improvements in facilities for detainees. There are some areas, such as education, which we shall be monitoring closely to ensure that improvements have indeed been made.

2016 was an unusual year for Tinsley House. In the Spring of 2016 all resident men were moved elsewhere in order for the Centre to accommodate up to 53 women for a period of three weeks. The majority of the women transferred temporarily from another Immigration Removal Centre.

At the end of September all detainees were relocated and a major programme of rebuilding and refurbishment began. The Centre remained non-operational for the rest of the year.

For these reasons, this report should be seen as a continuation of our 2015 report. It addresses the management of the changes described above, and its effect upon detainees, as well as making reference to the recommendations made in the 2015 report. It makes no further recommendations although it does look to the future following re-opening.