The Verne 2018/19 annual report published

 Monitors compliment the staff on what has been achieved in the first year of operation as a prison for men convicted of sexual offences.

Monitors who oversee the treatment of prisoners view with approval the rehabilitative regime which has been established.  They commend the dedication and professionalism of the staff.

In its annual report pulished today, monitors notes that:

  • The Verne is a well-run establishment where prisoners have been treated with decency, fairness and respect.
  • The problems posed by the older prisoners (53 per cent of the population are aged 50 or more) have been adequately addressed. Accommodation suitable for wheelchair-users has been prepared.
  • The 570 men now resident in the prison are able participate in a wide range of employment and educational activities. Considerable effort has been made to respond to their varied cultural and dietary needs.

However, the Board found it necessary to point to a number of ‘teething problems’ which it hopes can be eradicated now that The Verne has a stable population. These include loss of property during transfer and late cancellation of family visits.

IMB The Verne Chair, Chris Miller, said:

“Since the reopening of The Verne, the aim of the prison management and staff has been to achieve a safe, stable and supportive environment for all prisoners.  The IMB feels that this has largely been achieved. The great majority of the prison population tell us that that they feel safe at The Verne, whereas this did not always appear to have been the case in previous prisons where they were resident. The prevailing atmosphere in The Verne is one which assists prisoners to reflect upon their wrongdoing and to begin to prepare for life outside.”