Springhill 2019 annual report published

HMP Springhill improves outcomes for men working in full time employment and preparing for rehabilitation on release.

In its annual report for 2019, the IMB reports that HMP Springhill continues to offer good opportunities for men in education, training and employment prior to their release.

HMP Springhill is an open prison for up to 335 men who are considered to be trustworthy in open conditions.  The report notes:

  • Increased number of men have been in full time employment
  • Improvements to living conditions
  • Reduction in the number of men absconding

IMB Grendon Chair, Christoff Lewis, says:  ‘the Board welcomes the increase in men going out on licence to full time employment, and improving their employability outcomes on release.  The Board also notes improvements to living areas but believes that longer term solutions are required to maintain levels of decency’.