Send 2019/20 annual report published


HMP Send prisoners’ rehabilitation hindered:

Prisoners have spent up to 23 hours a day in their cells during the coronavirus lockdown; the impact of this will be far reaching for mental health and family ties, both of which are vital for reintegration into society


In its annual report covering the year ending 23 March, the Independent Monitoring Board states:

  • Prisoners are treated humanely and their living conditions are decent.
  • Education, vocational training, therapeutic support and substance misuse programmes help prisoners to prepare for release.


  • Lack of investment in infrastructure and resources has enabled an increase in availability of drugs in the establishment, leading to the potential for unrest and an increase in violent incidents.
  • A chronic shortage of probation officers has meant that prisoners have received less sentence management support than they are entitled to.


IMB Chair, Penny Panman, said ‘Issues highlighted in our report have been overtaken by events. We are really concerned the good rehabilitative programmes and training we mention are on hold indefinitely, and we fear that the longer it takes for prison life to return to normal, the worse the long-term prospects for prisoners’.