HMP Nottingham prisoners may have reduced opportunities for rehabilitation because of staffing shortages, says Independent Monitoring Board

The Independent Monitoring Board for Nottingham Prison today publishes its Report to the Secretary of State for Justice for the year to the end of February 2017.

Prisoners have had their access to education, work, and other activities greatly restricted due to staffing shortages. This has reduced the opportunities for rehabilitation.

The Board is concerned that prisoners with severe mental health issues continue to be housed in the prison, which is not an appropriate place for their treatment.

The Board remains concerned that the volume prisoners of coming through Reception means that staff are rushed and that prisoners who are vulnerable are at risk when they first come into prison.

The Board remains very concerned by the levels of self-harm and violence.

HMP Nottingham IMB Chair, Keith Jamieson, said:

“During the year, staff shortages have affected almost every aspect of life in the prison, from the closure of education and workshops to the lack of staff on the wings to deal with everyday problems and to give prisoners access to their property. As well as the impact on day to day life in the prison, we are also concerned that this will have a significant impact on opportunities for rehabilitation.”