Under resourcing for the elderly prisoners at Whatton puts strain on otherwise effectively operating prison

The IMB are pleased to report on another year at HMP Whatton, during which the prison has operated well. The Board continues to have a positive working relationship with the Governor and her staff which has enabled the Board to monitor the work of the prison effectively.

However, the whole of the prison estate is under stress and Whatton is not an exception to this. In particular staff shortages combined with an ever increasing demand for hospital escorts and bed watches (in part due to the large and growing number of elderly prisoners who are more likely to have health issues). This has meant an inevitable reduction in time out of cell and unscheduled closure of activities. This represents a unique and time consuming challenge.

Healthcare facilities at HMP Whatton are no longer fit for purpose and the Board asks the Prison Service to give urgent and serious consideration to overhaul or replacement.