Moorland 2019/20 annual report published


The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for HMP Moorland have published their annual report for 2019-20.  The report welcomes the improvements in a number of key areas:

  • Levels of violence have reduced with a 57% reduction of violence towards staff and a 27% reduction of prisoner on prisoner violence.
  • Self-harm levels have reduced by 37%, with increased use of distraction activities and provision of Listeners for at-risk prisoners.
  • Reduction in the use of new psychotic substances (NPS), due to the use of a body scanner on reception, photocopying of incoming non-legal mail and verification of legal mail.
  • An increased focus on resettlement and rehabilitation as the result of the development of a strategy informed by a resettlement needs assessment and the development of the Offender Management Unit combining the skills of Prison and Probation staff.

However, there remains a lack of adequate provision of suitable and supportive accommodation for prisoners on release.  The Board also noted the need to address the shortage of secure psychiatric beds for those prisoners with severe mental illness requiring transfer to a secure psychiatric unit.

The Chair of Moorland Independent Monitoring Board, Sally Woffenden, said:

“Board members have generally reported the prison as being calm and ordered when on their duties and welcome the good standards of decoration and cleanliness, with the overall fabric of the prison being of a high standard.  This year has seen minimal regime restrictions, thus keeping the prisoners occupied and able to attend relevant work, education, physical exercise in the gym, religious activities and family visits.  Various policy updates have been implemented to improve procedures and reduce complaints, e.g. cell clearance (following a move, when property can be lost.)  The relationship between the staff and prisoners is usually good and the regime in the segregation unit is humane and equitable.”