Low staffing levels present serious risk to safety, IMB Highpoint report

In this report the Board repeats serious concerns about low staffing levels, their impact upon the daily regime and the challenges faced to maintain a safe, decent and secure environment.

The availability and use of NPS (spice) continues to have a damaging effect and is of concern to the Board. Use can result in unpredictable and sometimes violent behaviour and places further strain upon an already stretched workforce.

The Board calls for a review of the arrangements for the handling and transportation of the property of transferring prisoners. Following up failures within the system takes considerable time and causes much frustration for prisoners and staff.

The report raises concerns about prisoners arriving at Highpoint without a complete and up to date sentence plan. This results in increased pressure upon the local Resettlement and Offender Management team to help prisoners work towards their rehabilitation and resettlement plans in a timely fashion.

However the Board recognises the very positive contribution Amends – Pathway to Opportunity has made to the rehabilitative culture at Highpoint.

With all the challenges the prison faces there is still a very strong commitment towards delivering a safe, humane and decent regime and the Board acknowledges the dedication and hard work of all staff working in difficult circumstances