Lindholme IMB publish their annual report

HMP Lindholme is a Category C Male Working prison and members of the Independent Monitoring Board are in a privileged position being able to visit all areas of the establishment, which they do on a Rotational basis.

Being designated a Working prison it is essential at HMP Lindholme that prisoners become accustomed to the ethos of ‘attending a working day’ in preparation for life following release. The Board were pleased to note that contracts have been secured creating a number of work places. Although one with the MoD is a long term project some sections of it – namely the production of sandbags and refurbishing of vehicle pallet racks – have been started. In addition the prison have set up an ‘in-house’ Working Party to refurbish the smaller wing accommodation and this is enabling prisoners to hone maintenance and construction skills.

Further Financial cuts have again impacted on Regime Operations, especially at weekends, but the Board were pleased to note how it was managed and communicated around the prison. A lot of this work is down to the Senior Management Team that the Governing Governor has established and the Board feel the prison is being taken forward.

As in previous years, the Board conducted a Survey of prisoners and the responses revealed many of the Board’s concerns, especially the failure to ensure that prisoner’s property is satisfactorily located when a prisoner is transferred from a previous establishment.