Lancaster Farms is a safe and decent prison

The Annual Report of the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Lancaster Farms has been published today.

HMP Lancaster Farms is an adult Category C Resettlement Prison holding 549 men and preparing them for release into the community.

Health Care, the Substance Misuse Service, Learning and Skills and Purposeful Activity are provided by partner agencies.

Teaching sessions continue to be too long and this impacts adversely on the quality of learning.

Improvements in the provision of purposeful activity are still needed so that every prisoner can be actively involved every day.

The prison staff need to be constantly vigilant to intercept illicit goods entering the prison either over the perimeter fence or via the visits hall.

The strategy for dealing with New Psychoactive Substances needs to be constantly monitored and needs to be linked to the implementation of smoke free prisons.

Strenuous efforts need to be made to ensure that curtailment of the regime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Prisoners are still required to eat some meals in cells with unscreened toilets which the Board considers to be a health hazard.

The progress of many prisoners is hindered by them being transferred in with incomplete information which slows their progress through the system.

The Board remains extremely disappointed by the poor standard of the exercise areas for prisoners in the Care and Separation Unit.