IMB member at work
IMB member at work

Our application process is divided into three main steps, detailed below:

Stage 1: Download an application form and view current IMB vacancies

Please use this link to view our current vacancies and download an application pack. Alternatively, please telephone 020 3334 3265 leaving details of your name and full address and we will post one to you.  Applications will only be accepted where a live campaign is in operation; if your preferred establishment is not listed in the current vacancies please keep checking regularly, new vacancies are added on a regular basis. You can also ask to be added to our vacancy alert list and we’ll send you an alert every 2 weeks.

Stage 2: Familiarisation visit and interview

Once you have returned your application form, you will be contacted by the chair of your local IMB, who will invite you to visit the prison or immigration removal centre.  Following your visit, you will be invited to attend an interview, conducted by two members of your local board and an independent panel member from another IMB.

Stage 3: Security clearance and selection

IMB members have full access to their local prison or immigration removal centre at any time, day or night.  For this reason, all our members must be security cleared, and this can take some time, depending on the level of clearance required for that particular establishment.

The whole appointments process usually takes from a few weeks up to six months, although we try to ensure times are kept to a minimum and keep applicants informed throughout the process.  We understand that the wait can be frustrating but hope that you will appreciate why it is necessary.