Upcoming virtual events:

Sign up for this virtual event on 25 May at 5pm where you can hear from Board members themselves.

Applying online 

Please take a look at our current vacancies to choose the specific board(s) you want to apply to.

The online application form is at this link. Before you apply, please read the guidance on how to fill out the form.

Each stage of recruitment is outlined in the section about the application process.

Your application and any interview will need to demonstrate the IMB key qualities.


Please note:

  • The application form works best on Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers; we suggest you do not use Internet Explorer.
  • If you cannot complete an online application form please contact the Secretariat imb@justice.gov.uk, in exceptional circumstances a paper application may be acceptable.
  • You can only apply when a Board is running a recruitment campaign.
  • Applicants usually live within a 25/30 mile radius, 45 minute journey time from the establishment, although this is sometimes extended in rural areas.(this may vary if applying as part of the short term holding facility campaign)

When completing your online application:

  • The form will automatically save once you complete each section, or when
    you click on the ‘save’ button.
  • The application form can be saved so you can return to/review your application and finish it at a later time.
  • All sections have to be completed before the submission button can be

If you have any queries please do in the first instance raise them with the IMB
Secretariat via email, imb@justice.gov.uk

What happens next ?

The steps in the process are outlined in the section about the application process.

Due to the nature of the role the whole appointments process usually takes around six months, although we try to ensure times are kept to a minimum and keep applicants informed throughout the process.

If you have any queries please email the Secretariat imb@justice.gov.uk

Complaints about the application process:

Please follow our complaints process if you have a concern about how your application has been dealt with.