Isle of Wight IMB publish their annual report today

The Independent Monitoring Board have submitted their Annual Report 2015 to the Secretary of State.

The report highlights developing improvements across a range of areas within the prison establishment, however concern has been expressed by the Board that older disabled prisoner’s access to some areas of the prison are restricted due to a lack of funding to make necessary adjustments.

The Board were particularly impressed with the professionalism of staff across both sites during a fire in Albany in February 2015, they reacted quickly and there were significant acts of bravery by prison staff as they managed to release prisoners who were locked in their smoke engulfed cells.  Over 100 hundred members of staff of all grades worked co-operatively until the early hours of the morning to ensure the prisoners safety.  Members of the Board witnessed the team work and the extreme concern and compassion shown to prisoners throughout this terrifying ordeal with staff putting prisoners welfare before their own.