Isle of Wight 2019 annual report now published

The 2019 IMB annual report on HMP Isle of Wight has identified ten areas of improvement, including:


  • Equalities management.
  • Prisoner-led forums.
  • Reduction in discrimination incident reports.


The board believes that these, together with a significant improvement in the prison complaints process, demonstrate a commitment to ensure that all prisoners are treated equitably.


The board continues to have concerns regarding the following:


  • The continued lack of funding to undertake essential building work on the two sites at HMP Isle of Wight – Albany and Parkhurst.
  • The delay in transferring prisoners with complex mental health conditions to appropriate psychiatric facilities, which results in prisoners spending significant periods of time in segregation; this can have a deleterious effect on their mental health.


The Chair of the Board, Linda Johnson says: “While the IMB congratulate the prison on the improvements made during 2019, the Board continues to be concerned regarding the delays in transferring prisoners with complex mental health conditions, this was also identified as a concern during the HMIP inspection. The Board has raised this issue with the Minister.