Independent monitors recognise unsung heroes of HMP High Point

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and no less so for the country’s prisons. In its 2020 annual report, published today, the IMB at HMP Highpoint notes that every attempt has been made by the Governor and staff to keep the prison safe and relatively Covid-free.

In its annual report, the HMP Highpoint IMB notes that:

  • The rehabilitative culture has continued all year, and measures have been taken to maintain as fair and humane way of life as possible, to support prisoners in        progressing to the satisfactory completion of their sentences.
  • Contact with families is an important aspect of this, and while it has not been possible to hold the usual visits sessions, contact has been maintained by the   provision of in-cell telephones and a secure video calling platform.
  • Many of the support services have had to alter the way they work, but most have been able to continue, albeit in a limited fashion.

The IMB was concerned however that Job Centre Plus withdrew its services completely from March.  This issue was raised with the Minister.

IMB Highpoint Chair, Raymond Smith, said: “We recognise the hard work and dedication of the staff, both uniformed and non-uniformed, and the Senior Management Team, who have worked hard to make Highpoint a safe and positive place to live.  Their professionalism when dealing with everyday challenges during this difficult year is to be commended.”