Improvements at Yarl’s Wood, but still some concerns, says IMB

The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for Yarl’s Wood IRC publishes its annual report for 2016 today,  highlighting improvements at the Immigration Centre but at the same time identifying areas of concern.

According to the IMB’s report, the Centre on the whole caters well for a large variety of residents from around the world, often with quite complex needs. The IMB highlights improvements in Healthcare, mental health provision, a reduction in the use of force and an increase in the proportion of female staff. They also welcome a review into the use of a separation unit within the Centre which was requested by the IMB in their previous report.

The report also highlights the following areas of concern:-

  • The detention of women for lengthy and indefinite periods.
  • The detention of women with mental health issues: the IMB recommends that they should be held in suitable health establishments.
  • A need to keep increasing staff numbers to ensure that care for detainees is not compromised and to avoid the closure of facilities.
  • The findings of the separation unit review which revealed that it had sometimes been used inappropriately.