IMBs launch a new National Monitoring Framework

Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB), an organisation made up of volunteers appointed by the Secretary of State to keep a watch on standards in custody and detention, have recently launched their first ever National Monitoring Framework.

Two National Council IMB members introduce the new Framework
Two National Council IMB members introduce the new Framework

This Framework sets the standards and procedures for all IMBs across the country. It promotes a consistent approach, with examples of good practice and helps guide IMBs how to monitor effectively.

The Framework emphasises the need for all IMB monitoring work to be fully focused, but provides for each IMB to be flexible in its work, depending on the needs of their local prison or immigration detention facility.

Geoffrey Penzer, one of the Framework’s authors, said: ‘IMB monitoring is changing – it will be sharper and more focused. Each IMB is free to decide what their priorities are, and focus on those.’

If you’re interested in the IMB work, or you’re a member of prison or immigration staff who regularly work with the IMBs, download your copy of the National Monitoring Framework.

If you would like to join your local IMB, go to our current vacancies page.