IMB statement on the Urgent Notification procedure action plan at HMP Nottingham

The Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Nottingham shares the concerns raised by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, and particularly in relation to safety and high levels of self-harm at the prison. Since publication of our most recent report in July 2017, our concerns grew following the deaths in custody in the autumn of 2017.

Following the HM Chief Inspector of Prisons’ use of the Urgent Notification process, we look forward to receiving a copy of the Secretary of State’s response and are keen to know what steps will be put in place at Nottingham to have a positive impact on the lives of prisoners and improve safety.

IMB members bring a different perspective on what is going on inside a particular prison or immigration removal centre, through their routine monitoring, and so the IMB is well-placed to  monitor independently the remedial actions taken and the impact they have on prisoners.