IMB reaction to Carillion/facilities management in prisons

Independent Monitoring Boards (IMBs) have consistently raised concerns about the poor condition of the prison environment, inadequate maintenance and long delays for essential repairs. In many of these prisons, facilities management has been the responsibility of Carillion.

Boards have pointed out, in their annual reports, that some of these defects have seriously affected the health and safety of prisoners and the security of establishments.They include failure to maintain kitchen equipment, showers and boilers, cells that are unfit for habitation, and unrepaired external lights and windows.

Following the announcement this morning that Carillion has gone into liquidation, IMBs have received assurances from HMPPS that prison facilities management services will continue to be provided and there will be the necessary funding to ensure that services are maintained.

IMBs will continue to monitor these services and report on their impact on prisoners.

IMB National Chair, Dame Anne Owers