IMB calls for improvements in the provision of social care at Heathrow IRCs

The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at Heathrow Immigration Removal Centres (IRC) today published their Annual Report for 2015.

This is the first report produced after the amalgamation of the Colnbrook and Harmondsworth IRCs and IMBs into the new combined Heathrow IRC and IMB, the largest IRC in the detention estate.

The issue of most concern to the Board in 2015 is that detainees suffering with mental health conditions and the physically disabled are generally ill-served and in particular there is inadequate social care provision.

The Board continue to call for the independent review of detention cases, once a detainee has been held continuously for longer than 12 months.

Furthermore the Board highlight concerns with:-

  • the time taken to assess medical cases from detainees claiming to be victims of torture;
  • the frequency of night time moves for detainees between detention estate facilities, where the primary reason is for administrative or logistical purposes;
  • the shortcomings of the induction unit accommodation at the Colnbrook site; and
  • the inadequacies of the complaints handling process for healthcare issues.