HMP Springhill provides good opportunities to help men prepare for life back in the community

In its annual report for 2017, the IMB reports that HMP Springhill continues to offer good opportunities for men in education, training and employment prior to their release. 

HMP Springhill is an open prison for up to 335 men who are considered to be trustworthy in open conditions.  The report notes that:

  • on release, 82% of men went to accommodation described as with family and friends, or to permanent independent housing
  • on release, 71% of men were reported to be in some form of employment
  • the prison is a safe environment and the men are treated fairly

However, the Board has noted the poor state of many of the accommodation areas which continues to cause concern.  Although overall levels of absconding from the prison remain low, there has been an increase over the past 12 months: measures are being taken to assess and address the causes behind this.

IMB Grendon Chair, Rob Wondrak, says: ‘There is good evidence that levels of purposeful activity have been sustained over the year. This is particularly true of men in full time work while on ROTL (Release on Temporary Licence). The Board welcomes the Enabling Environment initiative and the contribution it can make towards improving a culture of rehabilitation across the camp. The Board continues to comment on the poor condition of many of the living areas on camp which require comprehensive refurbishment.’

Read the report in full here.