HMP Nottingham 2018/19 annual report published

In its 2018/19 annual report published today, the Nottingham Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) – made up of volunteers appointed by Ministers to ensure prisoners are treated humanely – notes that:

While HMP Nottingham continues to face challenges of staff shortages, violence, illegal drugs and prisoners with severe mental health problems, a number of these issues have receded as the year has progressed.

The report also captures improvements in many aspects of the prison, from arrival at the prison through to the day-to-day experiences of prison life – including access to activities, sentence planning and preparation for release.

While the IMB acknowledges and welcomes the improvements made to date, the Board remains concerned that:

  • Prisoners continue to be released to the community without a secured place to live in advance of their release
  • There are ongoing problems transferring prisoners with serve mental health issues out of HMP Nottingham to a suitable location where they can be effectively treated.
  • There continue to be shortages of commodities, especially clean clothing and bedding, despite ongoing efforts by the prison to address these shortages.

The IMB Chair, Janet White, said:

“The Board welcomes the progress made, especially in improved staffing levels, violence reduction initiatives and measures to combat the availability of illegal drugs. There have been continued improvements since the end of the reporting year, and that the Board are pleased to see the developments to improve prisoners’ daily lives. However, we will continue monitoring for evidence of these being sustained”