Gartree IMB highly critical of decision to appoint Mitie as healthcare provider

In its annual report published today (21st June), the Gartree Independent Monitoring Board is highly critical of the decision to appoint Mitie as Healthcare provider to HMP Gartree, when they had no previous experience of providing healthcare services to prisons. The outcome was that Mitie had their licence withdrawn by the Care Quality Commission only 18 months later.


Gartree IMB Chair Tim Norman said, “Despite the tender document specifying that the requirement was for ‘an outcome based high quality healthcare service’, there was no obvious evidence that Mitie had previously delivered this type of service in a prison environment.”


He added: “We remain concerned about the physical environment of the Segregation Unit, especially for those with mental health issues, who often remain in the unit and isolated in their cells for long periods of time.”


The Board also highlighted continued staff shortages, which have impacted on the daily lives of the prisoners, especially in relation to employment, education and health.