Full Sutton 2018 annual report: high security prison remains safe despite pressures

Independent monitors today report that HMP Full Sutton, the high security prison near Stamford Bridge, continues overall to provide a safe and secure environment for prisoners and staff.

The annual report of the Independent Monitoring Board at the prison, published today (click here to read) says that the environment was generally calm, and that good order and discipline was maintained during 2018 despite a number of changes in senior management which occurred during the year.

Incidents of violence between prisoners, and towards staff, have continued at a relatively low level and have not increased in comparison with 2017. However,  the Board believes there is no room for complacency.

Changes at senior level have meant that performance dipped both in the management of a unit designed to try to break the cycle of segregation, and in the management of equality issues. The mental health teams in the prison are stretched and recruitment to those posts is difficult. 

The IMB reports that the number of men in segregation remains high, but where possible the prison is taking action to reduce the time they spend in segregation. Some improvement in the range and delivery of educational facilities is still needed.

Sally Hobbs, Chair of the IMB, says:

“HMP Full Sutton houses some of the country’s most serious offenders. Our overall assessment is that they are treated fairly by the regime there. The prison ensures the environment for all prisoners and for staff is as safe as possible. This is achieved through constant hard work and vigilance. We are pleased that, having had some time without a permanent governor, the new  governor took up his post in February 2019.”