More could be done to improve detainees’ care in transit and to give them a greater voice, say IMB at Tinsley House

The Independent Monitoring Board for Tinsley House today published its annual report for 2015. The Board is made up of a team of volunteers who visit regularly. Their report describes much good work that is done to care for and support those who are held in detention. It also raises some concerns and makes recommendations for improvement.

The Board’s greatest concern is for detainees, including families, who are being transported to and from Tinsley House. Some were spending too long in transit, sometimes with staff who were not fully equipped to deal with them.

Overall, the Board considers that the centre is well organised. The large majority of staff strive consistently to maintain a calm and cooperative atmosphere which is appreciated by many of the detainees. Nevertheless, we think that more could be done to encourage a greater detainee voice and to encourage more detainees to broaden their learning and artistic skills while in the centre. We also urge the Home Office to consider ways in which detainees can safely have greater access to news and families via the internet.

We welcome enquiries from anyone interested in joining the Board and playing a key role in monitoring fairness and respect for detainees.