A challenging year for Wayland prison, say IMB

A challenging year for Wayland, however The Board recognises the hard work and dedication of staff during a period.

For a third year the Board reports continued issues with large numbers of offenders waiting for the completion of reports needed to progress through to D category prison not helped by the re-deployment of staff to wings to cover staff shortages; however, we recognise a recent change in policy with regards to this which has resulted in improvements.

Unrest within the population is still recognised as a challenge for prison staff and management, the Board are concerned that the increase in serious incidents has raised the risk of safety for staff and offenders.

Assaults on Staff and other offenders are for a number of reasons, including large numbers of offenders from outside the Eastern Region, offender debt partly created by an increase in contraband including NPS.

The Board recognises that there has been a more robust approach to dealing with offenders that disrupt the smooth running of the prison.