Brinsford 2016-17 annual report published today

IMB Brinsford’s report for the period from August 2016 to July 2017 has been published today.

Their report highlights that:

  • the shortage of staff from October 2016 to July 2017 put pressure on the prison regime resulting in a lack of education and other activities. This meant prisoners were spending too much time in their cells. This has now improved.
  • the private contract for the maintenance of the establishment is not “fit for purpose”, with some accommodation out of use for a considerable amount of time. This was also highlighted in last year’s report.
  • the move to a non smoking prison went extremely well.
  • the time it takes to transfer prisoners with mental health problems to outside hospitals means they do not always get the help they need quickly enough.
  • the board continues to have a good working relationship with the senior staff at the prison and commends all the staff for working hard, under difficult conditions, to provide the best care.
  • drugs and violence remain a problem, but the levels at Brinsford are not as high as they are at many other prisons.
  • prisoners at Brinsford are treated fairly and humanely.


Read the report in full here.