Board questions the restriction of free movement for detainees at IRC Tinsley House

The Independent Monitoring Board for Tinsley House today published its annual report for 2017. The Board is made up of a team of volunteers who visit regularly. The IMB considers that in the main, detainees are treated fairly and humanely at Tinsley House. Predominantly good relationships between staff and detainees support this. However, the removal of one multi-faith room, which existed prior to refurbishment, has resulted in unfair access to prayer and worship for some groups of detainees. The introduction of restricted movement around the centre at certain times of the day has also limited detainees’ access to prayer rooms as well as limiting their free association.

The Board asks the Minister to request a re-evaluation and justification of the need for the periods of restricted movement for detainees. It questions the value of these in terms of safety, detainee well-being and access to religious worship. It also asks the Minister to consider allowing the provision of Skype or similar facilities to enable those detained to maintain contact with their families and plan for their release or removal.

Read the report in full here.