Availability of illicit drugs and mobile phones leading to debt and violence at HMP Leeds

In its 2017 annual report the IMB at Leeds reports that the challenge of preventing the in-flow of illicit drugs and mobile telephones (particularly miniaturised ones) is ever present.

The Leeds IMB also notes:

  • The prison has been consistently understaffed and has experienced real challenges with both the recruitment and retention of new officers over the last year;
  • That an increase in violence at the prison is of considerable concern, with a 61% increase in assaults on staff;
  • The retention in the prison of some prisoners with mental health issues that are beyond the scope of both the Prison and the available local services is deeply concerning and distressing for all concerned.

IMB Leeds Chair, Barrie Meachin, said:

“The IMB recognises the frustrations expressed by prisoners in response to the overall environment. We are concerned that some prisoners report feeling unsafe and that there has been an increase in violence, self-harm and damage to cells. The prison has been consistently understaffed, which has exacerbated the challenges HMP Leeds faces.”


Read the report in full here.