Up to 50% of women leaving prison homeless, IMB Bronzefield reports

The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for HMP/YOI Bronzefield has published its Annual Report for 2016-2017.

The Board reports that Bronzefield has a culture of respect and decency with staff giving care and help to the many vulnerable women in the prison, often above and beyond that which would be expected.

The IMB expresses its continuing concern about the number of women leaving prison homeless. This has shown no improvement since the last report with up to 50% leaving with no fixed abode. The IMB questions the Minister and the Mayor of London about the critical lack of housing for these most vulnerable women.

The IMB highlights the devastating effect that the Offender Rehabilitation Act has had on the number of recalls to prison where women are recalled often for the most minor infringement and then spend another 2 weeks in prison, leaving with nothing gained.

Sandra Mooney, Chair of the IMB at Bronzefield said:

“The management and staff at Bronzefield work hard to provide a safe and positive environment for the women prisoners in their care.  We remain extremely concerned about the provision of secure hospital facilities for women with severe mental health illness. The rising number of short-term recalls to prison and the desperate shortage of housing leaving so many vulnerable women homeless is of great, and increasing, concern to the Board”.

Read the report in full here.