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Other reports and publications


Report of the Property Investigation Group (PDF 0.182mb)

Property Report – May 2015


Report of the OASYS Investigation Group (PDF 0.079mb)

Offender Management System (Oasys) in Prisons Report – May 2015


Behind Closed Doors 2013 (PDF 1.9mb)

The sixth annual report for the National Council of the Independent Monitoring Board for 2013.


Foreign National Prisoners (PDF 0.063mb)

An occasional report by the National Council of the Independent Monitoring Boards, November 2012.


Issues of concern (PDF 0.12mb)

Major Issues Raised in Annual Reports to the Secretary of State, by the Independent Monitoring Boards in Prisons in England & Wales, July 2012.


The open estate (PDF 0.05mb)

This report summarises the content of the Annual Reports submitted during 2010 by prisons in the open estate, November 2011.